“A Torah of life and a love of kindness”

The Yeshiva operates a volunteer team of Hatzolah and Magen David Adom responders. The volunteer team is composed of students who study at the Yeshiva and are trained to provide first aid to residents of Ramat Hasharon and the surrounding areas.

Meir Farkash: “I have been studying at the Yeshiva for seven years now, and for five of them, I have also volunteered with Magen David Adom and Hatzolah. Our goal is to decrease the waiting time for a response until the ambulance arrives. In the entire city of Ramat Hasharon, there is just one Mobile Intensive Care Unit. When it leaves on a call, it can take two full hours until it returns to the city. What we do is provide quick preliminary care until an ambulance arrives to take the patient to the hospital. We do this during our regular routines. I am at the Yeshiva when I receive a call, and when I finish my job at the scene, I come straight back to the Beit Midrash.”