Rabbi Reuven Sason

This is a generation with a very large mission. God brought down the souls of this generation into this world in order to illuminate all of the generations, and to connect all of their lights into one.
The great task of our generation is to achieve a spiritual ingathering of the exiles. We need to uncover the light of the Jewish nation. The great challenge that exists today in the Torah world is how to connect all of the different parts of the Torah together – to spiritually connect all of the different limbs of the Jewish nation. It takes learning for the sake of learning itself, for the sake of the Jewish nation. WE believe that from a young age, it is possible to teach children to study Torah purely, for the sake of learning.

Here, we are attempting to connect all of the values. We grow in Torah because we are responsible for the entire Jewish nation. Because the Torah is the soul of the Jewish nation, and the soul needs to be complete.

The atmosphere at the Yeshiva integrates happiness and the desire to learn Torah seriously, and on the other hand, a connection to the Jewish nation out of a feeling that we are one.

We pray that God will help and support us, along with the entire Torah world, so that we can elevate the great soul of the Jewish nation and as a result, we will merit to see God’s countenance upon us.