Rabbi Nachum Rechel

The Ramat Hasharon Hesder Yeshiva, which I am privileged to lead as its President, is first of all a warm home for its students. It is a yeshiva that offers its students spiritual freedom, love, happiness and a sense of holiness, and allows each student to spread his wings and express himself through structured study that connects the student’s personal world to holiness, spirituality and prayer, to the philosophy of Rabbi Kook and the importance of the Jewish nation in this philosophy.

The location of the Yeshiva, in the heart of the Dan region, within a secular population, is part of its identity and its mission. This location facilitates a connection with the rest of the Jewish nation and supports our approach of connecting with the community and not secluding ourselves behind the walls of our Torah.

The Yeshiva leaves its mark on its students, their personalities and their activities. Many students choose to live near the Yeshiva after they get married so that they can continue to be part of it even after they have finished their studies. They continue to initiate community programs to bring down the social barriers.

The Yeshiva’s unique endeavor broadens the mind and the spiritual openness of its students, and this is expressed through the various projects that its graduates lead in the communities where they live.